Varis Dryer


The Hydroionic Crystals in the VARIS DRYER are a blend of natural- occurring crystals that emit pure negative ions and far infrared energy powerful enough to break down water molecules that penetrate the hair shaft and restore moisture balance. Along with a true ion generator, this powerful dryer also reduces frizz and fly-aways for beautifully styled hair. Designed by stylist for stylist.

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Powerful and lightweight professional salon VARIS Dryer. What it does: Weighing less than 1 lb, the VARIS Dryer is a full size, 1800 watt, professional salon dryer that has a 14 foot cord! Its Eco Turbine Motor with patented brushless technology dries hair 50% faster and is 20% quieter with Zero Emissions! What else you need to know: Fueled by Hydroionic Crystals that hydrate and condition the hair. Product Options Available are as follows: Option: Hair Dryer – Varis Creative Energy Hair Dryer

Professional Performance

  • Ion generator neutralizes static reducing frizz.
  • Hydroionic Crystals hydrate and condition the hair.
  • Lightweight and fast drying
  • Brushless motor technology
  • Customizable settings to adjust air speed and temperature
  • Easy to clean filer

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