Highlight Shampoo


Classic brass-busting, sulfate-free formula illuminates your natural blonde, gray or chemically treated hair with color-correcting pigment. Coats and cleanses each hair strand with essential moisture and hydration that your hair craves. Enriched with proteins and extracts to prevent breakage and environmental damage.

Gould’s Ultra Violet Series

May your light and shining hair never be dull again. Ultra-violet trio eliminates brass to reveal cool and shimmering tones that keeps your hair looking fresh. Whatever your shade and color, violet pigment has got you covered. Abundance of nutrients and proteins give the hair moisture, body and a soft feel. Gentle formulas cleanse and condition the hair for ultimate protection and manageability.


  • Color Correcting Tint neutralizes brassy and yellow tones to bring forth your best color.
  • Conditioning Moisture Complex enhances overall condition and feel of damaged hair.
  • Sulfate Free formulas provide a more gentle application.
  • Plant-Derived Glycerin hydrates the hair and makes it more pliable.
  • Combination of plant proteins and extracts reinforce structure and improve strength.